What's your narrative?

Narrative building and storytelling is an essential component of building a successful startup. We help you craft, refine, and implement yours.
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"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller."

Steve Jobs

What's it for?

Create strong relationships

Attract customers and investors

Build culture

Establish your company's culture and values, which can be a powerful way to attract and retain talent

Be noticed

Differentiate yourself from competitors

What else?

In the early stages of a startup, founders are often focused on developing their product or service and may overlook the importance of narrative building. However, as your business grows, having a clear and consistent narrative becomes increasingly important.

A well-crafted narrative can help communicate your unique value proposition, tell your story in a compelling way, and build a loyal customer base. It can also help establish company culture and values, which can be a powerful way to attract and retain talent.

In addition, a strong narrative can help you stand out in a crowded market and build credibility with investors, which is crucial for securing funding and growing the business.
Will this work for me?

Who we work with

There's opportunity for everyone to use stories but we focus primarily on startups who've gotten seed funding and up. These roles look like:
Founders, CEO's, and executives
Who you'll be working with

Meet your expert storyteller

Allison Clinton


Allison has over ten years of experience in creative with corporate and in-house positions. She's been storytelling since she could talk and has an unwavering ability to listen, craft, and refine strategic stories for her clients. Catch her looking like the Charlie Day meme from Always Sunny if you get her on a role about work. Passionate is an understatement.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing clients.
"Allison was an asset to my content team on a recent event. Her ability to balance accuracy with speed, her eye for design, and her openness to feedback make her a producer's dream to work with. In addition to demonstrating impressive creative skills, her positive attitude, attention to detail, and willingness to help however needed are even more reasons I'd hire her again in a heartbeat."
Sarah Roberts
Producer, BlueBird
"As the owner of a small communications and marketing firm, I must be extremely meticulous as to the work we produce for our clients. I have had the pleasure of working with Allison since the beginning of 2022 and have experienced nothing short of amazing from her work."
Betsy McDowell
President, Three Six Zero Industries
“Allison is skilled and observant and pushes herself to think beyond the limits to deliver quality work. She explores problems from multiple angles to identify the best solution for the problem at hand. In the time that I had the pleasure of working with Allison, she carried herself in a very professional manner with both clients and colleagues. Her dedication not only to the quality of the work but also to the quality of the client relationships is both admirable and appreciated.”
Felicia Acton
Senior Art Director, Notion